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Greetings and welcome to my website 🙂  Here is a little about who I am and what Alternative Asana is all about!

When I was 17 my best friend had just passed away and I had arrived at a fork in the road of my life.  I could have either gone down a path of complete self-destruction, or a path of spiritual growth.  This was right when my Father gifted me Thich Nhat Hanh’s book The Miracle of Mindfulness, and when a few friends introduced me to the practice of yoga.

Let’s just say that I read Hanh’s book in a day, and walked out of my first yoga class in a state of pure bliss.  It became clear that I did not have to believe in every thought that came through my head and let my mind control my emotions.  I finally started to understand what willpower meant.

Since then, everything in my life started to transform: my relationships, my body, the way I related to myself and the world.  Love and understanding started to percolate through every aspect of my life – and this is what I want for you, my audience, and the world.

I am a firm believer that our environment is a reflection of the universe inside of us – and that in order for broad positive transformation to occur, the real change must come from within each of us.  We all want this planet to be a healthier, happier place – and as we as a species cultivate mindfulness for the true well-being of our bodies, we can cultivate positive change for our environment.

I am not perfect.  I have flaws and goals, parts of myself I want to improve and strengthen.  Sharing my personal goals and journey of spiritual growth is a way to hold myself accountable and walk the talk – so thank you for reading and listening!  I hope that the information you read here also helps you in your personal journey to happiness and wellbeing.

Please always feel free to share your opinions, your own experiences, thoughts, suggestions, feedback, etc.  Let’s connect!




2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello my name is Cheryl thank you for being such an inspiration. I can really feel where you’re coming from. I have the same feelings and thoughts and desires and passions but I tend to feel very lost in what I’m supposed to do in life as I am studying psychology, it’s hard to know if that’s what I really want to do but I force myself to keep going and see what happens. My passions are art, music, yoga, any natural healing arts, firearts, hooping, any type of flow arts. I have always been a rebel myself which somewhat effected me to be against societies ways and it hasn’t helped me in the job world but I’m working on it and I feel that I can create my happiness I can create what I want to do for my career I just don’t know the path it takes to get to my happiness in what I am supposed to be doing. So if you have any tips or advice it would mean a lot I feel I have the same vision as you but the only thing is I feel lost not knowing how to make that vision into my reality and believing in myself, I tend to be my worst critic thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon. From Cheryl


    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you so much for your reply 🙂 It really means a lot to me. Since I do not know what your exact situation is, I’ll just share with you what I have experienced for myself.

      I’ve come across a few lessons this year, and if anything they are concepts that are interesting to meditate on:

      “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way”… and
      You can have a 9-5 job, and still pursue your passions.

      A few months ago I found myself jobless, living with my mom (still am :-p but it’s really been great and there’s no shame), but most of all swimming in this dark sea of loneliness, meandering without purpose, depressed really. For a long time I had been resisting getting a serious job, and wanted to pursue my passions- hooping, yoga, horseback riding. Ironically, I found myself barely engaging in those activities, much less with passion.

      I finally had enough of this, set aside my emotions, and started job hunting. I was broke, to the point that any job would do. A week later I got hired to do marketing for an online company. An entry level job, nothing I am passionate about, but I must say I am grateful for this job every day. I love the people I work with to death and having a steady income.

      Having a steady income, coworkers that I love, and a routine has brought a grounding feeling to my life, the foundation of my happiness. Furthermore, I am able to afford the things that I love to do- Lyra classes, healthy food, yoga, etc. I take weekend trips to the desert, San Diego, and other beautiful places.

      I am not going to stay at this job forever, but it’s at least a start. You really never know where life will take you anyways, where your current position in life could lead to. Nothing stays the same. Just keep doing what you love doing, commit to mastery in anything you do, do your best to see life with the glass half full. To put things in perspective, many people on this planet (IE third world countries) do not even have the remote chance of making time to do amazing things like traveling, hooping, yoga, or art.

      I hope this helps. Please feel free to continue sharing, it’s nice to relate.




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