It is day 3 without coffee, booze, and an all vegan diet!  Going strong.

One thing that totally helps with the process are these water infusions.   Perfect alternative to coffee and booze, and they are a refreshing, healthy treat for summer!

Tip:  Just because you are not doesn’t mean you can’t go out with friends!  At the bar, just ask the bartender to muddle some lemon, mint, cucumber, and any berries with some seltzer or club soda.  You will still look like you have a fancy cocktail in your hand. Bonus is that it’ way cheaper than alcohol and the next day will be hangover free 😉

Here is a simple, yummy Water Infusion recipe with a little sphiel on the benefits of each ingredient – and interestingly enough, what they all have in common is that they are anti-inflammatory.  Enjoy and please feel free to share your favorite water infusions in the comments below!

Strawberries. These sweet, delicious tart berries are in the top 10 antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.  Rich in essential nutrients Vitamin C (one cup contains 160% of your daily needs!), Potassium, Folic Acid, and Fiber. Vitamin C is especially useful for flushing fats out the liver!

Lemon.  Lemon makes anything taste good!  It also reduces inflammation, cleanses the skin, is an excellent source of potassium, boosts immunity, restores body’s pH levels , is high in Vitamin C, and aids the body in the elimination process by stimulating the liver and dissolving uric acid and other poisons while liquefying bile.

Ginger.  This powerful root reduces pain and inflammation, aids digestion, can help with menstrual pains, and contain gyngerol which is said to help combat cancer and heal infections!

Cucumber.  This super hydrating vegetable has a myriad of health benefits.  What I did not know is that they contain an anti-inflammatory flavanol called fisetin which studies show play an important role in brain health and have polyphenols called lignans, which may help lower the risk of cancer.

Basil.  This delicious herb goes well with so many meals!  It’s health benefits include: rich in antioxidants, reduces inflammation, has anti-aging properties.



1 Organic Persian Cucumber (or any type of cucumber)

1 Organic Lemon Sliced

1.5 Inches Peeled Ginger

4-6 Organic Strawberries

2 Sprigs of Fresh, Organic Basil



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