Sunrise in Vietnam

My eyes blinked open and it was still dark.  I tossed and turned in the sticky sheets, chaotic perilous thoughts swirling lost in the abyss of my mind.

I arose from my restless slumber and began my journey to the jetty, where I would watch the sunrise.  Purple clouds billowed in the sky above me as my feet sank into the grainy ground.  

Sleepy trees weeping over the shore, crabs scattering across the sand, waves splashing in the darkest corners of my mind.  Salty water sweetly washes over my ankles, my footsteps burrowing down into the earth.  The sea breeze whisps through my hair and over my skin.

I finally sit on the rocks out in the ocean, the last place where the ocean kisses the land.  An old wooden fishing boat quietly wanders by with nowhere to go.  The sun seeps through the green matte hill, and the glassy ocean water breathes life into this new moment in time.


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