Simply Happy: De-Clutter Your Life

Feel like life gets too messy?  Finding it hard to find peace and contentment?  Here is my quick two cents on de-cluttering, and how it can help you center yourself.

Some people are really good at ignoring messes.  I too walk over them numbly sometimes without notice.  But deep down I know for a fact that it at least has an impact on my psyche, my relationships with myself and other people, and my overall sense of well-being.

De-cluttering happens on different levels.  We will focus on these two for now:

The physical– your room, your material possessions, your home, your car, etc.  Everything on the physical plane, including your own body.

Why do we clean our homes as we transition into spring?  To make space for new, refreshing energy, and new possibility.

The Mental:  Your thoughts, what occupies your mind.  Keep in mind that your daily thoughts, moment to moment, make up your perceptions.  Your thoughts also have direct influence over your body.

Why do people meditate?  Because it empties the mind, you become aware of mental clutter, and you can release it.  The result?  Peace, contentment, relaxation.

Here’s what works for me, almost always, when I am experiencing turbulence in relationships, work, etc.: cleaning.  Cleaning as a meditation.

Go through your home and get rid of what is no longer serving you.  Go through your storage, and get rid of things that do not serve purpose.

Go through your refrigerator and take out the food thats been there for too long.  Buy healthy foods the next time you go grocery shopping.

Dusting, vacuuming, bagging all of your old clothes for donation, rearrange your furniture, organize your bathroom.

Make it fun and put some music on.  Make it a celebration!  You are taking control of your life here.  Dance, light incense, open the windows and let in fresh air, do some yoga in your living room when you are done.

If you really want to get deep into it, recite mantras as you clean (mantras are known to be thought-purifying and clear out negative energy in your body).

What I can guarantee will come out of this: a sense of accomplishment, self-nurturing, a better level of peace, cleanliness, a feeling of starting anew.

Perhaps new opportunities will arise, in your personal, professional, or even your love life.  When you clean physical spaces, something happens in the mental sphere, and you release different, inviting, pleasant vibes out into the universe!

If you have recently gone through a period of de-cluttering or even purging like I did earlier this year (see my earlier post “Simply Happy – De-clutter Your Life” for my full story), please feel free to share your experiences below 🙂


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