The mind is a demon, a double-edged sword – you can have power over your mind and do great things in the world, or the mind can have power over you. 

Negative thoughts create tension in our bodies,  as experiences get stored in our hips, shoulders, tense neck…. clenched jaws.  The mind repetitively clings to drama, judgement, insecurities…  Habits form.  Usually of a self-destructive nature.

Negative experiences arise more more often in our realities, everything that can go wrong, goes wrong.  We become ruled by anxiety and fear.  Holding onto expectations and judgement clouds our listening.  We begin to disconnect from our loved ones, unable to relate to anyone.

This is why we do yoga – master the breath, master the mind.

We are invited to listen and be present when we come into the space of our yoga mats.  Listening to our breath, quietly observing where our minds go… we can start to distinguish what it feels like to be present and listening versus clouded and machine-like.


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