Yoga is a Revelation

I have been instagramming like crazy.  I am not going to lie here- I would love to hit that 1000 followers mark by my birthday in December.  It’s kind of a serious addiction (Is there an Instagrammer’s anonymous??)

To keep my long story short, I was tagged to do a #stopdropandyoga by one of my favorite followers @artenflor.  I had literally gone to one serious yoga class in the last 2 months, and took it as a sign to dive back into my practice.

Why hadn’t I practiced for so long? Technically, you can stop, drop, and do at least 10 to 15 minutes of yoga anywhere, anytime that your body tells you it needs some.

To be honest, I have been reluctant to do it.  It could be lack of self-discipline, traveling for long periods of time, my main excuse is “I just ate” or “I’m too tired”… I can make up a million excuses on the spot, and the reality is that I have a choice:

to yoga or not to yoga.

Not having practiced consistently for a long time, it has been easy to forget the REAL reasons I want it as an integral part of my life.  It’s interesting that this is the LEAST motivating reason behind going to a class.

So anyways I was determined to do this #stopdropandyoga, and dropping a few pounds in the process.  I went for a jog, laid down my mat, and started what I thought would be just a 15 minute practice.  I stayed on my mat for 90 mins.

I took my first deep, sweet, prolonged, relaxing inhale straight into my belly and ribs.  I immediately re-connected with my body and breath, and my mind was finally off social media, my weight loss goals, and all the other bullshit that clouds our consciousness.

“Yoga is a revelation” says my favorite teacher, Rudy Mettia.  Once my mind was clear of all the clutter, the revelations started to pour in.

What did I discover?

We forget throughout our frantic, phrenetic, fast-paced lives, to breathe, and be present.  We shove food down our throats.  Drink too much alcohol.  Pretend like we’re listening to people. We get mean to our bodies and people, and slip into a mindless existence.  Over-taken by addictions.

Cultivating awareness through the breath is so important for our health, and yoga is certainly a good way to do it.  Through that, we can give ourselves permission to listen to our bodies, to people, and evoke a sense of compassion and gentleness and grace in our reality.

Listening is God’s gift to us, our gift to each other.  Listening is not limited to what we hear through our ears – listening means being attuned to what it is your are experiencing, inside your mind and body and in your environment.  When we get off our phones, quiet our minds, and feel our bodies, we can begin to be our more authentic selves.

To see my #stopdropandyoga, check out my Instagram @Hoop_Asana!


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